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Don't Let Clients Fall Victim to Opportunity Cost Vampires

A few years ago, Thomas W. Young, CLU, ChFC, saw a movie that reminded him of a situation he experiences as a financial advisor.

In the movie, vampires took over a major city and kidnapped its citizens, continually taking blood from the innocent people to feed themselves.

Why does this matter?

"When you fully understand lost opportunity cost, you can see that our current banking and taxation systems are doing something similar to what the vampires were doing in the movie,"...

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September 2016 Edition of the Lara-Murphy Report

"The financial storms are definitely coming. Don’t be paralyzed by procrastination or fear. Even halfhearted attempts to follow the strategies above will pay off handsomely in the event of a crash. The beauty of these steps is that they are smart things to do anyway, but will prove crucial if our warnings are accurate."  Robert P. Murphy

Click link below for the September 2016 Edition of the Lara-Murphy Report

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Bank Notes September 2016

Great Bank Notes Edition for September 2016--Link Below.  The first article smacks you right across the face.  Here's a paragraph from the first article:  

     "The individual, not some mythical collective, is the center and starting point of society. The free market is the arena in which people form relationships for mutual benefit on the basis of voluntary exchange. The free man finds his own meaning for life, guided by the philosophy or faith of his choice. He refuses to...

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Life or Death (Insurance)?

I think we should refer to things for what they are and what they intend to do.  Don’t you agree?  Let’s examine life insurance.  Most people are familiar with the names Term life insurance and Cash Value life insurance.  Both are called life insurance yet they are completely and fundamentally different.  Term life insurance does one thing—it provides tax-free money to your family when you die.  The “Term” part of Term life insurance means that the premium is set for...

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Lara Murphy Report May 2016

I could write something original, but what's the point when these guys say it so clearly:

"...we live in an economic world where our government officials are dead set against savings and are very supportive of the investment markets. Yet most prudent analysts now see these investment markets due for a major correction. There is worry that investors will flee from these investment markets in mass. This is why we believe government laws, such as Dodd-Frank and the more recent...

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Bank Notes--June 2016

There are a couple articles in this edition that everyone should read.  The first article is the first article, "Seven Ways School Has Imprisoned Your Mind" by Isaac Morehouse.  The other article starts on page 9, "Vision, Chapter 12, Asleep at the Switch" by Leonard Read.  Open your eyes!  It's time to wake up!

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Baby Boomers' Retirement Woes Summed Up in 5 Statistics



Great read!  Chances are good that you or someone you know needs help with retirement planning.  The authors game plan is good but there are other game plans too.  Give us a call and let's create one for you!  


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Four Reasons Why Government Spending Is Even Worse Than Taxes

Great article detailing the relationship between taxes, government spending, central banks, and we the people!


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Bank Owned Life Insurance Is On The Rise

Carlos Lara writes:

According to a Wall Street Journal article, banks of every size will receive a combined estimated $400 billion in death benefits over the coming decades, prompting this author to say that if permanent cash value life insurance is such a terrible investment the way the TV and radio gurus tell us, then why are banks buying so much of it?”

Check out the March 2016 edition of the Lara-Murphy Report.  Interesting, enlightening, and refreshing to hear the...

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The Bermuda Triangle of Money

Managing money and accumulating wealth is similar to flying a plane through a weather system as Nelson Nash portrays, in his book “Becoming Your Own Banker.”  He describes that every weather system has a leading edge with a headwind, a center, and a back edge with a tailwind.  He also explains that if the plane is engineered to travel at 100 mph and flies into a headwind of 345 mph, the plane will be going backwards (Negative, 100-345= -245).  If the plane is traveling...

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